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The Nursery

The setting is divided into three carefully tailored rooms, to meet the needs of the three different age ranges.  We have a calm natural theme running throughout our provision.

Little Acorn - Baby Room

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The baby room caters for children aged 6 weeks to 2 years. The room has been designed with soft colours and natural materials.  The furniture is child-sized and toys are easily accessible.  


Children are encouraged to interact with the natural world around them to inspire their imagination; this is enabled through play with natural objects such as herbs and vegetables and they also enjoy free flow access to their garden area where they can enjoy chalking, playing in the mud kitchen or sand pit.  This has proved to have a positive impact on children’s behaviour allowing them to become more confident.  There is a separate milk room, sleep room and baby changing room, complete with children’s toilet.


The children within the Little Acorn room enjoy participating within a music bug class every two weeks.

Oak Leaf - Toddler Room

Our toddlers are aged 2 to 3 years.  Furniture is sized appropriately for the age of the children in the room.  Most toys are of natural material; treasure baskets are a feature of this room with a mixture of noisy toys and different sized containers.  


There is opportunity for children to play in sand, play dough or water to further develop their learning.  The room has open access to the garden area, where the children can enjoy the large sand pit, mud kitchen and camp fire area.  The room also has toilet and washing facilities which link with the pre-school room.  


The children enjoy a weekly language lesson alongside the Mighty Oak children and a music bug session every two weeks.

Mighty Oak - Pre-School Room

The pre-school room is designed to allow our children to access a wide range of free choice activities, as well as free-flow play, with constant access to the garden area.  The garden area has a natural environment developed to encourage growing imaginations; the children particularly enjoy playing with the large sand pit, mud kitchen and camp fire area as well as a playground area where children can ride on tricycles to encourage gross motor development.  


The children enjoy a weekly language lesson alongside the Oak leaf children.The Mighty Oak team provide a supportive transition programme which prepares the children for their move into Foundation stage and part of this includes a weekly Funergy session which is held within the Malcolm Sargent Primary School hall.

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